Suit Yourself: Montréal Based Blogger Dany Dao On Why He Dresses For Himself

Montréal based blogger Dany Dao, 22, has been launching his career in blogging over the past year and a half, alongside his job as a measurement specialist for made-to-measure suits and as a content creator in a social media office.

Dany, who has been wearing suits to differentiate himself from other people his age, that typically wear streetwear, said: “Suits are one of the things in life that have a negative connotation, being that they are considered a uniform for office people. I wanted to show people that you can wear suits as an extension of yourself.”

Skincare is another essential extension for expressing yourself. He reveals: “I personally love using Kiehl’s products for my skin care. As for hair product, I stick with this Australian brand called Vitaman. I realized that it was important to invest in good products, as they will have better results than your cheap over the counter products.”

When describing his personal style he states: “I personally look up to British tailoring and British brands in general. A few of my favourite shops on Saville Row are Gieves and Hawkes and Huntsman & Sons. I love the classic look and the elegance behind the garments produced by those tailoring houses. I also love the classic pieces from Burberryand Reisswhen it comes to ready-to-wear, because of the same reasons.”

Dany has a distinct suit style, but has taken inspiration from movies like Kingsman. He explains: “It was the movie that got me to appreciate suiting and especially double-breasted suits. The movie captured the essence of being a true gentleman, having manners and being well groomed. I also loved the fact that they wore suits that nobody would dare wear, while being a badass spy at the same time.”

He continues: “My favourite style of suit is definitely the double-breasted suit. My second is the three-piece suit with a double-breasted waistcoat. I love those because of it’s intimidation factor. Also, the double-breasted suit creates a higher V-shape when buttoning the jacket, reducing the length of my already long torso, and the two lines of button gives the illusion that I’m wider than I am.”

The Montréal blogger explains how he reinvents a traditional piece, like a double breasted jacket. He discloses: “I spice it up by adding elements from fashion trends (which were taken from the military of course) such as wearing shearling jacket, fedoras, Chelsea boots with my suits, folding my pocket square in a different way instead of the presidential fold.

“When I wear suits I feel so rare, particularly here in Montréal where people think its a fashion trend. Hence why I don’t really need to put too much effort into it, to make my look modern and stylish.”

It is clear Dany sets his own style rules and exclaims: “I feel the biggest mistake when it comes to suits is following fashion. I feel that everything that is wrong in suiting stems from fashion and trends. Following people who do not take into consideration your contrast, body type or budget is definitely the worst thing someone can do. Do listen to people that understand the sartorial art. There is a reason why classic suits are still a thing, but not thin lapels anymore.”

From shopping in the best stores, to finding the best backdrops for his feed, Dany reveals where he likes to shoot his pictures: “I personally love the Old Port in Montréal or any infrastructure that is reminiscent of Europe. I also love to add a modern feel to my outfit by shooting in business districts because of the taller glass skyscrapers. My aesthetic can be described as being very bright and white. I also wear a face mask in a lot of my recent pictures. I really wanted to have my suit pop out rather than myself. Having a white theme allows me to single myself out rather than blending in. The face mask also allows me to eliminate the narcissistic aspect of fashion bloggers out of my pictures and shows people that, regardless of who you are, you can wear anything.”

Dany emphasises that besides the fit, the most important thing when it comes to the sartorial art is understanding your body and have confidence when wearing suits, as not everyone will be able to pull off certain looks: “Remember that you are you and as Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. Once you understand your boundaries, you can bend the rules and enter a new facet of suiting called the sprezzatura or the art of nonchalance.”

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