Seeing Double? The Wade Twins Discuss Their Suit Style

The Wade Twins discuss their personal style, the importance of social media and why men should be more like David Gandy.

The Wade Twins, better known as Henry and Will, 25, set up a fashion and lifestyle blog in 2016, with the focus on their journey to Australia where they wanted to document their trip, encouraging people to travel, keep fit and dress well.

Describing the aesthetic of their Instagram feed, Henry explained: “The power of Instagram is huge now, it is the biggest platform in the world and no other social media site is really anywhere as close in popularity. We have three accounts and we like to showcase our lifestyle and outfits mainly and this can be hard as we’re not one dimensional. We are not just fashion and not just fitness. We try to stick to bold pastel colours and a cool blue feed and we’ve been influenced by some awesome bloggers, who are good friends like Sam Gray Style, Ed Lemon and The Discerning Man and By Ollie B.

“Our favourite place to shoot has to be London Bridge. There is so much there with cool bridges, parallel walkways and different cool areas. You are always guaranteed a cool shot there, just go early so it isn’t busy. otherwise it’s touristy central.”

With a wardrobe showcasing an evolving style, Henry said: “Well we’ve dabbled in a fair share of dreadful suits when we were younger, believe it or not we owned a Tesco F&F suit at one point in our lives no doubt. We started to wear a lot more formal wear in the past 3-5 years and started to understand the benefits of a well-tailored suit. We would say our first proper suit was in 2013, at the end of our second year in university for our Ball. We both went to Moss Bros and picked out a suit and carefully got each part tailored to our needs.”

He continued: “We love to wear suits, you can never be overdressed. We style suits depending on the occasion but definitely like to mix things up, sometimes it’s simply a shirt & tie or even with a jacket and roll neck.”

Living and working in the city has affected the way the Wade twins style their suits. Henry reveals: “First and foremost it has to be comfortable, we move a lot in the city and we are constantly rushing, so we need to make sure we have something that is comfortable.

“Secondly, the fit has to be perfect. It must be tailored to perfection this means tapering the trousers in for the perfect slim leg and getting the jacket just right. A non-tailored suit never looks that great.”

Discussing whether they stick to wearing modern suit trends or go for traditional suits, Henry laughs and explains: “This is a tough question because it does depend on the event or the people you are around. Having said this we always like to wear bold suits and stand out of the crowd so perhaps a modern suit.

“A lot of people inspire us as well, but one of our favourites has to be the legend David Gandy, his style is effortless. He is a proper British Gentleman and pulls off the perfect suit regardless of the occasion. I think more people need to be like Gandy.

“Another person has to be David Beckham. He is super casual most days with boots, jeans and check shirts which create a timeless look, that just doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. ‘Dad goals’ put it that way. Of course characters like James Bond are influential because he always pulls off your typical smart black tie dinner jacket so well.”

Henry immediately interjects to confirm Pierce Brosnan is his favourite Bond, whilst Will would say Daniel Craig.

Focusing on how the twins like to shop, we discuss whether they shop differently when they buy suits, versus when they buy regular clothes. Henry exclaims: “Actually no, when we shop for regular day to day clothes or suits, we always look for the pieces that look nice and then we can tailor to our needs. This could be a t-shirt, jacket or jeans and especially suits.”

He continued: “We mix up designers and brands a lot. We often shop and wear high street retailers because you always seem to find a good quality and affordable piece if you dig deep, so brands like Zara, H&M, Topman, Boohoo, ASOS. But of course we love our more higher end designer brands. You’ll often find us in Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Moss Bros for suits, All Saints, Canada Goose. We’ve also been wearing smaller luxury brands such as Luxy London for jackets, Oliver Proudlock’s brand Serge Denimes for some cool streetwear and some lovely smart shoes from the guys at Goodwin Smith.”

Divulging further into what they consider to be the most important principles when buying a suit, Henry insists: “It’s all about the fit, it has to be a major principle when choosing a suit. So many people buy a lovely suit but they buy it too big or too small which makes it fall so badly. Invest in a good tailor it makes all the difference.

“All of a suit is important. But if we were to choose one element, it would have to be the trousers. We like a well tailored, skinny fit trouser with lots of elasticity which make it comfortable for us to move in. Having a tailored trouser that fits well around the ankle also shows off the shoe more.”

But suit accessories are just as important to the London based bloggers. Henry reveals how he likes to accessorise his suits: “The first has to be a strong wrist game. I think a timeless watch and some lovely gold or silver bracelets top off a suit really well. Also a pocket square but a really simple one, there is no need to go over the top with a flamboyant pocket square. Just use it to accompany your outfit not to be the centre piece.”

Henry admits: One of the biggest mistakes men can have when wearing a suit is having the wrong fit. As I mentioned earlier, so many people buy nice looking suits but the fit is too big or too small and just doesn’t work. And they need to save all these suits somewhere, and is when services of self storage could be useful for different storage needs.

With men’s grooming being an essential part of a gentleman’s overall appearance, Henry reveals: “We both have similar skincare routine which involves a daily face wash, daily face moisturiser, beard oil and beard cream too and occasionally a skin toner. The products we use are Clarins, L’Oréal, Bulldog and Kiehl’s.”

You can keep up to date with The Wade Twins by following @thewadetwins_. Or follow their individual accounts @henryjwade and @williamjwade



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