Malan Breton Returns To London For AW18 Show

Malan Breton returned to London to showcase his AW18 collection titled Omega, ‘signifying the end of a journey to one’s clarity and self.’

With an extensive backlog of shows, which are renowned for their theatrical nuances and often supernatural undertones, Omega is a collection that focuses heavily on Breton’s artistic depth and literary references. From Edwardian Tarot, Merlin, Chinese astrology and the myth of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Breton has created a dark collection that encompasses all these cultural influences.

Breton said: “This collection, has been a journey of self-realisation, a point of gaining one’s hope back in humanity. Rebuilding one’s shell, one’s armour, one’s heart. Love lost, valour, and watching gluttony, and greed change humanity for the worst.”

Breton has a clear vision with his tailoring, as the entire menswear collection adheres to traditional pattern cutting techniques for single and double-breasted suits. His calculated decadence comes from the use of experimental fabrics like velvet, silk and satins to create seductive, bespoke suits that celebrate a man’s awareness of the power of femininity.

The chinoiserie silk organza, silk tulle, silk brocade and carefully woven kimono fabrics are specially crafted to juxtapose the dark leathers, shearling, tweed, Angora and glass beading that adorns the other garments within the collection. Breton creates the glistening effect on some of the pieces by using paillettes made from recycled bottles.

Staying true to his Asian roots, the Taiwanese-born designer uses an opulent colour palette featuring deep oranges, midnight blues and golds alongside exotic Swarovski embellishments to stand out against his antique Asian techniques of weaving, embroidery and dying.

This collection is destined for a man who appreciates traditional tailoring values and their origins, but wants to test their style limits with a suit that plays with texture and colour for a more bespoke look.

Photo: POP PR


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